About ThassosAbout Thassos

When the green touches the azure color of the sky...

Thassos, the Emerald Island of the north Aegean Sea, also known as Sirens' Island, enchants everyone who visits it with its natural beauty and its gold-sand beaches.

Thassos is easily accessible from Kavala's and Keramoti's ports since there are frequent scheduled ferry boats. Also, you have the chance to see the whole island and tour around it as the round of the island is only 100 kilometers distance.

In your visit to Thassos, you should definitely try the exceptional local products, the homemade pies, the traditional halvah and syrup soaked sweets... Don't miss to try fresh fish and seafood in one of the countless taverns right next to the sea or meat on the spit in a traditional village!

During the summer, there are organized many cultural events like "The representation of a Thassian wedding" or the custom "Augoustos Paraugoustos" that will definitely be a unique experience in your vacations!

You can swim in crystal clear blue waters in organized beaches with beach bars and you can also drink cool cocktails right next to the sea...

Explore hidden and isolated beaches... and also find all kinds of treasures! Discover and swim in a natural pool... It is a miracle of nature, hidden in the southern part of Thassos among big rocks... Because for all of us summer means Thassos!

Photography by Alexandros Evaggelou